Greg1Greg Landsman is a firm believer in the future of Cincinnati, and is running for Cincinnati City Council in 2013 to focus on job creation and growing the city. Landsman wants to help ensure Cincinnati begins to grow again, and that we do so in an inclusive way so as to create more jobs and additional opportunities for local citizens and businesses. Cincinnati has momentum, but growth and new jobs are not inevitable. It will take serious leadership, big ideas, and the ability to build broad coalitions of people to get things done - all of which Landsman would bring to council. 


Landsman, a nonprofit executive, was born into a family committed to community service. His maternal grandfather, Gordon Block Jr., served in the U.S. Medical Corps with the 101st Airborne Division during WWII. Block was awarded three battle ribbons and a Purple Heart medal for his time as a POW. Landsman’s paternal grandfather, Herb Landsman, ran the Greater Cincinnati United Way’s 1976 campaign as an executive vice president of Federated Department Stores, now Macy’s. Landsman’s mother Lee Hamill spent most of her career as a classroom teacher and college professor. His father John Landsman served for over ten years on both the Board and Executive Committee of the Cincinnati Chapter of the American Red Cross.


Also committed to service, Landsman has had a distinguished career in public service. Landsman currently serves as the Executive Director of The Strive Partnership, an education consortium of providers and funders working together to improve academic achievement along the education continuum in the urban core of our region.  Joining education, nonprofit, business and philanthropic leaders, Landsman believes that collective efforts to grow our economy, expand the middle class, and reduce generational poverty depend on getting better results in education – for every child.


Before joining The Strive Partnership, Landsman was appointed Director of the Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives by Governor Ted Strickland in October of 2007.  Created in 2003, the Office works to enhance the capacity of community-based organizations, encourage effective partnerships among and between public agencies and faith-based and community organizations, and measure the impact of these partnerships in an effort to reduce poverty in Ohio.  As Director, Landsman oversaw an annual grant-making budget of $7 million. Strickland also appointed Landsman Chair of the Ohio Anti-Poverty Task Force in May of 2008.  


Landsman’s career began in public service working for then U.S. Representatives Ted Strickland and Nancy Pelosi.  For Strickland, Landsman served as a congressional surrogate and Director of Field Operations for the Congressman’s 1998 reelection campaign.  His efforts in 1998 helped the Congressman win by a fourteen-point margin.  For Pelosi, Landsman served as Deputy Communications Director and helped with the Congresswoman’s effort to win House Minority Whip, which she did in 2001. Pelosi would later be elected the first woman Speaker of the House in 2007.
In 2001, Landsman traveled to Guatemala to study Spanish and build homes with Habitat for Humanity, then to Virginia where he began a leadership program for youth.  He also spent a year teaching Spanish in a public high school in that state. 


Landsman earned a bachelor’s degree from Ohio University in 1999 and a master’s in theological studies from Harvard University in 2004.  At Harvard, Landsman co-wrote Harvard Kennedy School Case Study, Mapping Your Community’s Faith-Based Assets, which was published in 2006.


Landsman returned to Cincinnati in 2004 and ran David Pepper’s campaign for Mayor in 2005.  In that effort, he helped Pepper win a seven-candidate primary election, and, in the process, set a number of city fundraising records.  Landsman was then recruited to join the leadership team of National Underground Railroad Freedom Center to work alongside their CEO at the time, John Pepper. 


Landsman and his wife, Sarah, live in Mt. Washington with their two children, Madeline and Elijah.  They also have two dogs, Jack and Bobby.